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Personalized Expertise

Our clients are tired of the same underperforming cookie cutter funds that banks offer. We work with discerning individuals who invest in their future with people who have the expertise to build a personalized portfolio fit for their goals. Our approach is flexible – allocating assets in a way that reflects your risk tolerance, your timelines and your input. We pride ourselves on being accountable and available for all of our clients, providing transparency and security in the ever-changing investment world.

Whether you’re new to investing with your first $100K and need a better growth strategy, or you’re looking to structure a fixed-income strategy from an established portfolio, we’d be happy to open some new opportunities for you.


Discretionary Portfolios

One of the many services we provide includes discretionary portfolio management. These are portfolios in which all buy and sell decisions are made by a Portfolio Manager. Currently we have four portfolios:

– Balanced Portfolio
– Income Portfolio
– Large / Mid Cap Equity Portfolio
– Small Cap Equity Portfolio

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Bonds & Small Cap Investments

A niche speciality where we can add significat value in Small Cap equities and bonds (investment grade to high yield). Our decade long history involved in both of these spaces is shaped by our independent environment. Deep small cap research and access to multiple bond desks.

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Young Professional

Are you seeking high level of advise and wealth management solutions that are usually designed for high net worth clients? Our Young Professional portfolio is designed for professionals at the beginning of their career.

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Fixed Income/Reserve
Fund Portfolio

Customized income portfolios specifically for Condo Reserve Funds, Pension Plans and Charity Reserves.

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Calculate Your Retirement Potential

Understanding your financial situation can be difficult. With just a few questions you can calculate your current financial position and identify your top priorities. Research shows that people who have a financial plan and work with a financial planner are:

1. Confident in Achieving Financial Goals and Handling Unexpected Changes.

2. More Likely to Feel on Track with Financial Affairs.

3. Successful at Sticking to Financial Strategies.

4. More Likely to Have Higher Levels of Emotional, Financial and Overall Contentment.

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The Right Team has the Right Tools

We offer an extensive toolbox, experience and education to guide you through every stage of your financial life.

1. 40+ years of combined team experience

2. Behavioral Coaching

3. Retirement Planning

4. Tax and Estate Advice

5. Investment Management across all asset classes including individual stocks & bonds, ETFs and mutual funds

6. Financial Coaching, budgeting, and cash flow management

7. Monthly client updates

8. Communication, transparency and availability

9. Strong network of vetted professionals to assist with any needs that arise

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