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True independence: Latitude to offer objective, un-biased advice that is right for your clients without the pressure and conflict of interest from proprietary products.

Brand recognition: Acumen’s presence on television and digital media as well as the local community result in a strong recognition of our brand.

Flexible business models: Competitive fee based programs; discretionary platform which supports your own models or provides access to highly qualified 3rd party money managers; transaction based platform.

Best-in-class operational platform: Same day account opening including digital signatures; account management and on demand client reporting tools; financial planning & estate planning tools; flexible trade entry system; electronic system for non-trade client instructions; quotes, charts, news tools; and more.

Access to a full range of products and services: Internal and 3rd party research including National Bank Financial and Credit Suisse; access to multiple bond desks and new issues from multiple sources including Acumen’s Investment Banking group; offer all account types, both registered and non-registered, CAD and USD currencies; access to in-house insurance experts with products from numerous insurance carriers; access to preferred mortgage and HELOC lending.


A combination of incentives including up-front payments, asset and/or revenue target-based payments, and enhanced payouts tailored to your needs.

Independent employee model: 55% top payout, no desk fees or ticket charges.

Independent agent model also available.


Seamless client transition experience: We recognize that it’s not just you who’s coming to Acumen. Your clients are making the move as well. We are dedicated to ensuring the transition is seamless as possible.

Client comfort and security of assets: Custody services and back-office services provided by NBIN, a subsidiary of National Bank of Canada. NBIN is the leading supplier of back-office brokerage services to the Canadian financial community.

Client reporting: Online capabilities to view accounts and receive paperless statements, confirmations and tax reporting documents; customized reporting available on-demand.


The Acumen team is invested and aligned: 25+ years strong; 100% employee owned; profitable every quarter for the past 80+ quarters.

Advisors are core to our business: 3 Advisors are members of our Board; 2 Advisors are members of our Executive Committee.

Agile, flexible and bureaucracy-free environment: Decision makers available on-site with no head-office black hole; Even though you’re running your own business you’re doing it at a place where everyone is working together not against each other.

What Acumen Advisors Have to Say

Best career move that I ever made! Great group of people with a no-nonsense approach to serving clients. No hidden agendas. Total autonomy. I feel rejuvenated. I should have made the change earlier!– Bob Zarchekoff

First and foremost: freedom and flexibility! I moved over to Acumen after close to 20 years at a large, impersonal, and bureaucratic institution. We were subjected to increasing pressure to do their ”preferred style” of business with their “preferred style” of products. I didn’t feel that this was appropriate for most of my clients and became increasingly uncomfortable with the pressure. Acumen gives us the freedom and flexibility to do what we feel is “right for the client”, not what’s right for the institution’s bottom line. Here we have access to all of the same products and services but have more freedom to choose what’s right for the client. – Rod Zarchekoff

If you are like us and are looking for an Investment House that allows you to:
-Design, build and develop your own business
-Provide the necessary tools and resources to enhance your success
-Provide access to the full gamut of investment products and global markets
-Pay you on the most competitive grid on the street
-Allow you to gain ownership and a share of the profits of an established and well-respected INDEPENDENT investment company
-Work alongside like minded, motivated and fun colleagues
Then Acumen Capital Partners is for you. – Sheldon LeLievre and Craig Madill

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For a confidential conversation, please contact:


President & Chief Executive Officer


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