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The Acumen research group is comprised of experts with technical skill, as well as the proficiency to accurately assess investment risk. Acumen clients have access to concise, timely and relevant communication on small cap growth and energy companies to assist them in establishing and growing their investment portfolio. Our research team evaluates issuer’s unique business models and assets relative to industry dynamics and the competitive landscape.

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Research Team

Recommendation Distribution

Recommendation Number of Recommendations % of Total Recommendations
Buy 46 82
Spec Buy 8 14
Hold 1 2
Reduce 0 0
Under Review 1 2
Tender 0 0
Restricted 0 0
Total 56 100
Current January 1, 2024

Understanding the Research

Glossary of Terms


Good fundamentals and quantifiable business opportunity all packaged at a reasonable valuation with good upside.


Poor fundamentals or questionable business opportunity and trading at an unwarranted valuation.


Company performance is at a crossroads in terms of fundamentals or business operations with an identifiable degree of risk and reward in place. Certain future non-financial or financial performance could create attractive longer-term opportunity for investors. Near term risk exists and stock ownership should be dependent on tolerance of risk.

Speculative Buy

An identifiable business advantage evident at a valuation justifying buying at current prices. Certain non-financial or financial performance, however, may be either lacking or still developing, creating relatively increased volatility or risk. Buy at current prices but oriented to more speculative investors.


Analyst recommends investors tender shares to the current offer based on the information provided in the offering document.

Under Review

Under review for various reasons that will be explained.

Research Dissemination Policy

Acumen research reports are simultaneously distributed to our advisors, clients and financial newswires via email when they are produced and approved for distribution.

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