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We are excited to introduce you to estate and insurance services designed to address your needs through Acumen Estate and Insurance Advisory Ltd. Applying the same integrity-driven principles as we do for our investment related advice and services, we are continually striving to find ways to protect and enhance your well-being. Insurance can be used to:

Preserve your wealth capital

You would like to protect your wealth capital and transfer a portion to your heirs without having to pay a lot of tax.  An insurance policy is a tax effective way to accomplish these goals.

Protect income, cash flow or business operations

Many business owners rely on their company to provide family income, personal financial security, and a legacy for the next generation.  Business continuation planning considers the events that could jeopardize the viability of the business and offers strategies to protect against these eventualities through insurance. Such risks include death, disability or critical illness of a key employee or shareholder.

and more

-Attracting and retaining employees with Employee Benefits

-Creditor and Estate protected Investments

-Protect the erosion of your investments from a critical illness

-Insurance for equalization of your estate

Facilitate succession planning

Personal asset succession considers the most efficient ways to transfer your  estate to intended beneficiaries. Business succession planning is simply the process of determining how you are going to transfer your business ownership and transition out of a business management role, while maximizing your personal financial security. Permanent Life Insurance can play a key role in facilitating both personal and business succession.

Fulfill philanthropic goals

Canada’s charitable tax credit rules allow you to optimize your tax savings and estate plan.  The gifting of a life insurance policy can be an attractive option for you as a prospective donor. Planned giving is an important part of estate planning. It ties together philanthropy, estate planning, and strategic tax planning.

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Together, we create a plan that is uniquely yours with an approach that is inclusive, tailored, and confidential. Experience peace of mind knowing you have made a difference today to protect your loved ones for tomorrow.


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