Donny Woo

Vice President, Portfolio Manager

A portrait of Donny Woo

As head of the Woo Investment Group and with nearly two decades of investment experience, Donny offers his clients a diversified knowledge base in buying individual securities, bonds, investing in private companies and preferred shares. As a portfolio manager, he particularly loves working with individuals looking for more comprehensive portfolios than the pre-made ‘products’ banks offer. Donny doesn’t just see his role as an investment advisor; rather, he considers himself a partner in helping his clients grow their wealth securely.


Donny empowers his clients to be as involved or hands-off as they want in building their portfolio. What sets Donny apart in his field is his unique discretionary portfolio experience. A limited number of investment advisors have experience in this area, and so his specialized expertise is a significant asset to his clients.


Beyond his skill set -- Donny maintains a strong commitment to providing his clients with a seamless, personalized experience. Everything he does is with the utmost transparency and authenticity. He is committed to getting to know each of his clients and genuinely seeking what’s best for them - with no underlying motives. Donny always puts the best interests of his clients first, unlike banks, never cross-selling, or benefiting through what you invest in. Also, Donny always tailors his communication strategy to suit each clients’ personal preference. Whether you want frequent updates on the status of your investments, or just quarterly briefs - Donny is willing and available.


If you’re looking for someone to partner with in building a personalized portfolio tailored around your individual goals, get in touch with Donny!