Wealth Advisory For CPAs

Acumen Capital Partners


Headed by Sapna Dhaliwal, The Dhaliwal Group at Acumen Capital Partners offers clients Comprehensive Wealth Advisory. Specialized in partnering with CPA Firms, we integrate Wealth Planning, Wealth Management, and Risk, Estate, and Succession Planning with your CPA Firms’ Tax Advisory, Tax Planning and Succession Planning.


We offer clients a collaborative approach to Wealth Management and Tax Advisory services. We bring together the two primary financial worlds of a clients’ wealth life to provide the client with a deeper, more insightful, more meaningful, and more effective approach to wealth advisory.

Comprehensive Planning & Advice

We plan for the client from now until death, comprehensively advising the client for the best path forward.

Portfolio Management Team

We have access to Acumen’s discretionary portfolio management team and are able to utilize their strong performing AcuPure discretionary portfolios.

Optimizing Solutions

We understand the level, and value, of work and commitment you provide to your clients. With you, we look to enhance the clients’ wealth life through a collaborative partnership that  provides high-value solutions on the wealth management end – optimizing results for the client.

Your Long Term Partner

We provide clients with in-depth and comprehensive advisory by forming a long-term, embracive partnership with you – the clients’ trusted advisor, their CPA.

Best in Class Outcomes

Comprehensive Wealth Advisory provides the client with the high quality outcomes for their wealth life in a world with ever-increasing complexities and new challenges. Partnering with us can help you to help your clients achieve the peace of mind they want and deserve – and create best in class outcomes for their wealth lives.

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