Sheldon Le Lievre

Director, Vice President, Senior Investment Advisor

A portrait of Sheldon Le Lievre

Sheldon Le Lievre and his team specialize in simplifying the wealth management process for a select group of high-net-worth families, entrepreneurs, business owners, medical professionals, philanthropic entities and institutions. His reputation for integrity, discipline and exceptional service are the foundation for his client’s success.


Sheldon entered the Financial Industry in Vancouver in 1982 and moved to Calgary in September of 1997 to join Acumen Capital as a partner. Continued education and experience have given Sheldon an advanced knowledge of investment management, retirement planning and estate planning. He has years of experience navigating challenging market conditions. His focus is on capital preservation and conservative, consistent risk adjusted returns. Sheldon believes in developing a high level of trust with his clients.  This is achieved through a disciplined and consistent approach to investing  based on sound fundamentals.


Sheldon enjoys an active lifestyle and travel and, if he can combine them both, that’s even better. He runs to work daily, plays hockey and skis in the winter. In the summer he can be found filling his weekends and holidays with water skiing and road and mountain biking.


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