TriCities Team

We are pleased to announce our move to Acumen Capital Partners! Please allow us to express our gratitude for your business. Together, we have developed a relationship that is very important, and we hope to retain your trust going forward.


The decision to change investment firms can be difficult. Our simple criteria of prioritizing the interests of our clients made it clear to us what we had to do. We are fully aligned with Acumen’s commitment to putting clients first.


We look forward to assisting you with your Wealth Management needs. Our office remains at the same location:

101 – 2655 Mary Hill Road

Port Coquitlam BC

V3C 6R9


To reach us, please call us at (604) 552-9600 or toll free at (888) 809-6541. Thank you for your continued trust.

Guy Lapierre

Bill Demetrioff

Robert Miller

Gavin Webb

The Right Team has the Right Tools

We expect to energize our client relationships through our move to Acumen Capital Partners in the following ways:

Big 6 Bank providing back-office infrastructure

With a subsidiary of one of the big 6 Canadian Banks, National Bank of Canada, providing the back-office infrastructure, Acumen allows its Investment Advisors and Portfolio Managers to focus on wealth management.

Enhanced electronic security

Enhanced electronic security including built in data encryption better protects your personal data.

No ticket charges on transactions and transfer fees reimbursed

Reduced client costs include no ticket charges on transactions and a reimbursement of transfer fees upon moving your account(s).

Electronic statements and records

In support of our sustainability goals, Acumen defaults to electronic statements and records but you can still receive paper in the mail if that is your preference.

And More!

Other advantages include earlier access to tax receipts, a superior online experience, and a robust client admin and tracking system.

Expanded access to bond desks

Expanded access to bond desks across Canada can provide better rates, terms, and conditions on the fixed income (bond) portion of your portfolio.

Access to segregated funds

Access to segregated funds can provide you with a 100 percent guarantee on principal as well as potentially simplifying the inheritance process, reducing wait times.

Planning tools to minimize estate taxes & ensure asset distributions reflect final wishes

Through its subsidiary, Acumen Estate and Advisory Services Ltd, we are able to provide you valuable planning tools that can help minimize estate taxes and ensure distributions of assets reflect final wishes.

Mortgage and other credit services

Through National Bank, we can now offer mortgage and other credit services.

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