Mussa Team

Aleem joined Acumen to further his successful career in financial services. Aleem has helped numerous high net worth families simplify their financial affairs and prioritize retirement. He takes care of every family member as if they were his own. He is born and raised in Calgary and spends his free time playing sports and working on improving his culinary skills.


Aleem began his career working at Canada’s biggest bank and always found time to mentor his colleagues while managing his own work. At Acumen, he will be able to spend more time with families to create personalized portfolios based on their long term objectives.


Aleem always keeps up with current trends and education. He completed his MBA from Queen’s University and completes various investment courses annually.


Attending investment conferences, listening to PM Mark Schmehl

The Right Team has the Right Tools

The Mussa Team is dedicated to providing individualized, comprehensive and independent advice and account management. We are integrity-driven and operate with only our client’s financial success in mind. Our sole objective is to help each client identify products, resources and market trends that are best suited for their portfolio with their investment timeline in mind. Our goal is to see you reach your financial goals.

Our Team specializes in wealth transition and assisting the next generation. We work with the clients on succession planning and setting up wealth transfer strategies to ensure we are keeping the most wealth within the family. We review tax and estate matters through the year to ensure it’s a fluid process and not only when life events happen.

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