How Investment Advisors Can Help With Retirement

By Mateo Michalec

The right investment advisor can assist and guide you on your way to retirement. They can help prioritize your retirement objectives by setting financial goals. Well trained advisors can help you plan objectively and logically. They will provide insights into what is working in your plan and where you may need improvement. The earlier you start this process with an advisor the more likely you will achieve your retirement goals.


An advisor can help you establish a budget and make any adjustments as different life events happen leading up to your retirement. As much as retirement is about establishing a tax-efficient income for you that matches your budget, it is also about planning for the unexpected. Remember you are not working and going back to work may not be an option for you. Are you prepared if you have unexpected expenses or if there are volatile market swings?


An advisor can help by using tools such as the Monte Carlo simulation. A Monte Carlo simulation can be used to perform a risk analysis of your retirement plan by building models based on a wide variety of factors such as different market conditions that gives you the probability of you being able to achieve your retirement goals.


Not every advisor is qualified to provide you with quality retirement and financial planning services. Review an advisor’s qualifications carefully, as in Canada, almost anyone can call themselves a financial planner. Look at their experience as well as education and designations such as CFP – Certified Financial Planner, PFP – Personal Financial Planner, or RFP – Registered Financial Planner just to name a few. Designations can increase your confidence right away as the advisor is qualified to be able to provide you with a complete retirement plan.


An established plan will be resilient to changes as life throws you curve balls. A good advisor will be there every step of the way.

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