Scott F. Barnett

Investment Advisor

A portrait of Scott F. Barnett

Scott realizes the fact that each client is unique and has specific goals and investment objectives. Scott works closely with you to develop an investment strategy and customized portfolio based on a thorough understanding of your personal goals and objectives, as well as your risk tolerance, time horizon, tax considerations and more. A key step in developing an investment strategy is determining the appropriate asset allocation. Scott utilizes a risk-based model to analyze historic returns for different asset mixes along with the historic volatility of those mixes. While these hard numbers support the asset allocation process, Scott makes certain to weigh historical facts against one common-sense question: does the client sleep at night? 


If you are like many of Scott’s clients, building your wealth required hard work, sacrifice and discipline. So, when you entrust that life’s work to an advisor, you expect highly individualized attention, among other things. That is why Scott and his team make it their top priority to stay attentive to your needs. Providing you direct access to Scott and to his diligent support team dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. They recognize that understanding cultivates peace of mind, and take time to explain strategies, define terms and make sure you are comfortable with the approach to managing your wealth. Scott and his team make it a priority to provide open and responsive communication, letting their clients determine the frequency, method and level of communication.