Curtis Schirrmacher

Investment Advisor

A portrait of Curtis Schirrmacher

Curtis was born in Alberta and grew up in the Calgary area. He went to school in Calgary and attended the University of Calgary where he achieved a BA in History and Economics. He has been involved in finance since the late ’90s. Before that, he worked in the oil and gas industry.


In 1998, Curtis got started in brokering with oil and natural gas and worked in Calgary and Houston in this field. Eventually, Curtis came back to Calgary and opened two separate energy trading shops for two multinational corporations.


In 2009, Curtis moved to the retail side of finance and started at TD Wealth Management. He had also worked at Leede Financial before Acumen became his base in 2014. Curtis has steadily built his client base with Acumen and his reputation as an options expert and asset manager.


Now, Curtis works with high net worth families, corporations’ and individuals. He uses a full spectrum of financial tools, from bonds and equities to ETF’s and options. The usage is always to maximize returns in the client’s risk tolerances.


Cutis would like the opportunity to sit down with you and find ways to improve your investments and help you to achieve your goals.


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