Bob Zarchekoff

Vice President, Senior Investment Advisor

A portrait of Bob Zarchekoff

Bob has been an Investment Advisor since 1983. He received his Commerce degree from the University of Calgary and trained in New York with a major Wall Street firm.

His industry courses include Partners, Directors and Senior Officers Course, Canadian Options Course, Canadian Futures Examination, Life Underwriters Training Course, Canadian Securities Course, Registered Representatives (RR Exam).

Don’t hesitate to contact Bob if you need an Investment Advisor for your family or if you are interested in Legacy Investing.


To most Investment Advisors, the terms investment strategy, financial plan, tax strategy, portfolio diversification, retirement planning and estate planning are only theories.  In Bob’s more than 30 years of experience as an Investment Advisor, he has put those theories into practice. He never measures his success by the amount of money that he manages but by the number of families that he serves. 


In the early 80s, Bob built his business with the young hard working couples that were buying houses and raising families.  He helped them start retirement plans, college funds and investment portfolios while paying down mortgages, buying braces and paying for family vacations.  He has watched many successful careers turn into happy retirements.  The internet has given everyone access to information, but information is no substitute for wisdom and experience.


Because people are living longer, investing does not end at retirement -- it is multigenerational.  Once a person realizes that they have more money than they can spend in their lifetime, they generally wish to leave a legacy whether it goes to their children, or their favourite cause or charity.


Legacy Investing is a tactical strategy that does not match age with risk aversion and time horizon. It is a multigenerational strategy where the time horizon is infinite.  It looks beyond the current business cycle to the next several cycles.  It looks beyond the existing technologies to the disrupters of the future.  It looks beyond the current demographics to the emerging economies and changing geopolitical forces. Legacy Investing turns growth into wealth.


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