Tolg & Gowland Team

With Team Tolg & Gowland clients get the experience, knowledge and patience of a seasoned, business-savvy baby boomer combined with the energy, academic excellence and tech savvy of a millennial.  Together Al and Grant provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to financial management.  With a deep understanding of client’s goals priorities and needs, we design portfolio solutions that provide capital safety and measured growth to all clients regardless of age or financial capability.

The Right Team has the Right Tools

40 years of combined business and market experience means we’ve seen it all.  From bulls to bears and everything in between Tolg & Gowland have the experience and capability to help meet your financial needs.  With a thorough understanding of business and business cycles overlain by a fundamental understanding of what drives the market combined with the energy of youth and the wisdom that comes with age, we provide full coverage for our clients. Overlay that with a strong work ethic and exemplary moral and ethical values means you can trust that we’ll make the right decision in favour of your needs. Our daily Quick Report will keep you front and center with what’s happening around the globe as it relates to business, the market, and daily life.

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