Darcia M. Siryjenko

Investment Advisor

A portrait of Darcia M. Siryjenko

Darcia joined Acumen in the spring of 2018, with over 30 years of industry experience. Her previous experience includes operating through both independent, and bank-owned, investment dealers.


She has found her perfect fit at Acumen—as Acumen provides a combination of the very best of these opportunities (being both independent and having back-office services operated by the National Bank Independent Network). The resulting scope of fixed-income product access at Acumen; the depth of assistance available to the advisor for their clients; and the access to multiple, extensive equity product research sources, are unparalleled. All these elements serve Darcia’s clients as she goes through the process of deliberating and making recommendations to develop client portfolios through the course of economic cycles. These portfolios are always in line with her clients’ investment time horizons, risk profiles, financial obligations, wealth and retirement objectives.


Darcia has her undergraduate Honours degree, a Master of Natural Resources Management degree, plus multiple investment industry courses which assist her reviews. She has been following the market daily since the 1960s.

Previously, Darcia has also worked as an economist preparing projections of GDP, CPI, commodity prices, exchange rate levels and population/industry growth for both business and government. She has also provided daily market reports on the radio in previous years. Darcia is mindful of the many factors which drive markets and the consequent need to develop diversified multiple-asset portfolios with which clients are comfortable. She does this to provide growth to meet her clients’ short, medium, and long-term objectives through the inevitable economic cycles.


Darcia is committed to regular and routine review and communication with her clients regarding their registered and non-registered accounts, tax, family, business, and social obligations. Further, Darcia is available to her clients 24/7 if they wish to reach out. Her commitment to open communication and accessibility are essential elements of her intentionally thorough and comprehensive approach to financial management.


Darcia views referrals as the most significant reward (beyond assisting her clients in meeting their life’s needs and objectives through their investment portfolios) and other unsolicited requests are always respected and responded to.


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